A world that is a network of interdependent, resilient communities


Being  set  up  in  12.5  acres  of   land, in the 2nd driest district in India (Anantapur Andhra Pradesh), ProtoVillage   is   a   role-model   rural community  being  built  for  the  villagers,  by  the  villagers.  It will  be  a center  for  learning,  practice,  demonstration  and dissemination of  the knowledge on how any community in this region  can  organize  itself   to  be Socially  cohesive, Ecologically sustainable and Economically viable



  1. To  function  as  a  model  village  demonstrating  a  Resilientcommunity   life   based   on   the   principles   of   respect for nature and Interdependence.
  2.  To  function  as  a  centre  for  research  &  development  of ecologically sustainable enterprises.
  3. To create and nurture a rural entrepreneurship ecosystem that   helps   villagers   establish   locally   appropriate   and ecologically sustainable enterprises.
  4. To   collaboratively   build   an   open,   comprehensive repository of knowledge on all aspects of Resilience.
  5. To   facilitate   the   establishment   of   role-model   rural communities across India through a network of committed teams of fellows, and spread the idea of Resilience.


Va l u e s

  • Integrity
  • Service (“wise-action”)
  • Happiness
  • Cooperation
  • Perseverance
  • Interdependence