ProtoVillage is a place for demonstration of a sustainable, self reliant life based on interdependence between members.  It hopes to serve as a role model for villagers who wish to organise themselves into self reliant communities.  As a result of our activities we have seen villagers get inspired and start their own initiatives.

Rain water harvesting;  Many villagers have used the MNREGS program to get farm ponds on their land.

Toilets:  Villagers have built toilets for themselves and have connected it to a biogas after seeing the biogas unit in ProtoVillage

Tree plantation:  Youth from nearby village have come forward to plant trees in their villages and to clean it up.

Organic farming:  farmers from nearby villages are showing interest in learning and practicing organic farming

Education:  Children for the villages around come to ProtoVillage to learn English, Math and Computers.  They also learn about the need for water conservation, organic farming, biogas, eco friendly construction, etc. Workshops have been held in cities and villages for school children and adults on growing food organically and on energy production.  Camps are held at ProtoVillage to help children connect to nature.

Health:  Many villagers have reported improved health levels after changing their diet and incorporating more fruits and vegetables and reducing oil and spice.

Caste:  The youth are becoming more open to the idea of equality between castes.