A child is like a seed, holding the potential of a tree.  Some seeds die as seeds, some grow to perish and a few, under the right conditions ( the environment), blossom to become a full fledged tree.    Some germinate early, some late.  Some take a long time to grow, some very short.  Some are thorny, some velvety, some smooth, some straight, some crooked.  Each tree is unique and different.  The role of a tree is to contribute to the ecosystem by virtue of its very nature.  If only one kind of tree is allowed to survive, the entire world will collapse.  Biodiversity of trees is thereby essential. Trees cannot exist in isolation.  There is a constant interaction and dependencies with the environment.  Trees that survive well have learnt the art of reading the environment, communicating the wisdom and responding appropriately.  The purpose of education is to provide the conditions for an individual seed to become the best tree he or she can be.  

At ProtoVillage education  is about  “essential knowledge”, a knowledge that tells you how to live synergistically with nature, learning to meet one’s basic needs using locally appropriate technologies,  understanding Interdependence and discovering one’s own true nature and using that for the benefit of the community at large.