REZ ( Rural Economic Zone) / GRAMAM ( Grameen Arthika Mandal)

Individual economic empowerment is gradually disintegrating the sense of community, building indifference towards the very natural ecosystems that sustain us.  It converts us from resilient producers to helpless consumers.

Income is the consequence of Trade.  The trade dimension can be designed as an ecosystem that nurtures the soil, air and water and also enhances social cohesion.

The goal of REZ is to produce most of the products a consumer buys from a supermarket on a monthly basis.

The first step in the creation of REZ was the set up of a shop in the village of Tekalodu.  The profits of the shop will go back to the community and the shop will provide an avenue for sale of goods produced in the village.

The enterprises to be launched soon are spirulina, millet processing, cold pressed oils, dal processing, soap manufacturing and sustainably grown vegetables and fruits.  An REZ structure is currently being constructed in ProtoVillage with earth bags and stone and lime.