Project Description

Why: Due to intense deforestation, the region is quite barren and the water tables are affected. The region is drought prone and planting of biodiverse trees will help bring back the biomass required. It will also help precipitation. Fruit forests will also help the nutritional deficiencies the villagers have and have an economic incentive.

What: Species like Pongamia, which are nitrogen fixers, and other hardy varieties suitable for the local region have been planted. Trees have been planted near every house in the village, along the road leading to the village, near bus stops and along the state highway. Fruit trees such as mango, chickoo, pomegranate, custard apple, banana have been planted in the village and in schools nearby.

Who: The villagers participated in some of the tree plantation drives. “Save Trees”, an NGO operating in Bangalore sponsored the plantation in the village and the school partly. Volunteers from Bangalore came along to support the activity. MNERGA was also utilized in places.