How I came to Protovillage

Hello everyone,

my name is Valentin, I am 19 years old and come from Germany. I have been living in the Protovillage as a volunteer for almost three months. In total, I will live here for a whole year and in that time I will probably experience many things and make new experiences. In this blog, I will tell you about these experiences. As I am not the only volunteer from Germany here, I would like to refer to the blog posts of Rike, the second volunteer from Germany, because what I report here are of course only my impressions. This is her blogpost: View

In this blog post, I would like to start with a question that I am often asked:

“How did you come to Protovillage?”

This year I graduated from high school. But since I didn’t want to start studying right away, I looked around for a year abroad to gain new insight and experience. The federal ministry for economic cooperation and development in Germany promotes stays abroad for young people through the “weltwaerts” programme. The programme supports young people who go to a placement abroad through a sending organisation. Here you get more information about “weltwaerts”: .Since I wanted to go abroad anyway, the programme suited me very well. So I looked for placements at various sending organisations. I really wanted a placement where I could do a lot of handicrafts. Then I came across the organisation “Protovillage” at the sending organisation “Friends of Rudolf Steiner’s Art of Education”. It sounded like I could do a lot of handicrafts at Protovillage and I also read that Protovillage is self-sufficient in electricity. A topic I am very interested in. So I decided to apply at Protovillage and I was very happy that after a few emails and a phone call I got the confirmation that I could come to Protovillage for one year.

That’s how I came to Protovillage and in the last three months I have already been able to meet a lot of people and get countless new impressions.

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