This is our fuel

This is a report about the food we eat here in ProtoVillage every day.

For breakfast we have either “ragi ball”/ “mudde” with a chutney or sambar. Or, as has mostly been the case lately, Ragi Ganji.

Ragi- Ganji with fresh salad

Oh, right, once we also had a very different kind of breakfast compared to the one we usually have. It consisted of various vegetables and vermicelli. 

In the morning, there is sometimes juice or freshly cut papaya.

Beetroot juice

At lunch, we always have rice with a curry or sambar and a side dish. The rice is either white, brown or unpolished rice. The side dish is always something sautéed: beans, cabbage or ladies fingers. All three side dishes are delicious and you can always add pickles if you like. We have ginger, coriander and moringa pickles here, which we also make locally.

the lunch

Sometimes there is tea and snacks in the afternoon.

In the evening there is always something different. Usually we have Pongal, Ugma, Tomato-rice, Chapati or Dosa.


In the beginning, I had to get used to the spiciness here. But now I can tolerate it really well. Sometimes I just have the feeling that the spiciness drives away all the flavour of the other ingredients, which is a bit of a shame. In addition, at the beginning I couldn’t get used to having hot food three times a day. But now I can cope with it quite well. So I think it’s quite good this way. Yes, sometimes I miss the food from Germany. But I’m just really happy and grateful that we get fresh food cooked every day and that we get to eat really authentic local food.

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