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Resilience is a decentralized, cooperative, steady-state that breaks away from the paradigm of limitless economic growth. It requires that we adopt a lifestyle that is more respectful of all life around us.


  • Highest respect Earth’s ecological systems and processes that sustain life.
  • Adopt patterns of production and consumption that safeguard the Earth’s regenerative capacities.
  • Design interventions that incentivise the nurturing of the natural ecosystems.
  • Scaling-in is about Learning and practicing the ways of Resilience and thereby being the change
  • Staying steady is about consolidating the learning and creating pathways for sharing
  • Scaling-out refers to the replication in different locations. It’s like co-creating millions of drops that collectively form an ocean rather than trying to scale- up one drop into an ocean.
  • To optimize efficiencies through leverage, and to prevent reinvention
  • All the knowledge we may have the privilege to get access to is due to the generosity of many. We express gratitude by sharing it with the many openly. Let an individual’s progress be measured by her/his contribution to the collective.


  • To be a fully functional prototype village demonstrating a Resilient community life
  • To design and implement a replicable entrepreneurial model for the villagers to organise their respective villages for Resilience
  • To co-create a rural education system that empowers rural learners with the knowledge that makes them locally relevant and globally responsible citizens
  • To design and initiate a fellowship programme through which teams of fellows from various parts of the country collaboratively replicate Protovillage in their respective districts

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