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We seek to engage with organisations in ways that are mutually beneficial:

Corporate Social Responsibility – If your CSR mission aligns with Rural livelihood, Economic Empowerment of Rural women and / or Rural Education, we would be deeply grateful to have the opportunity to explore synergies, and define the scope and scale of engagement. For CSR funding partnerships, please write to [email protected]

It takes a lot to align the personal missions of the employees with the larger mission of the organisation. Having accomplished that, if you are interested in exploring ways and opportunities to engage your employees in causing a meaningful social impact that builds their pride of association with your organisation, we are deeply happy to synergistically work with you to make it real. Please write to [email protected]

We regularly open ProtoVillage for corporate teams to participate in one-day to multi-day custom-curated programs set in the rural terrain to enhance team synergies and leadership for collective impact. Please write to [email protected]

These are for the top two tiers of management in the organisation. This utilises the wisdom of martial arts in delivering learning experientially on aligning mission, power, balance, time and love. No, this doesn’t require one to have any martial arts experience, just an open mind is enough to take home a lot! We do this once a year when our mentor Sensei David Dangerfield comes visiting from Australia.

 Should you be interested in this workshop for your organisation please sign-up here, and we will work with you to schedule it.



Since its inception in 2011, ProtoVillage deliberately worked on long term, intentional, systemic transformation, resisting the temptations for instant gratification...

TATA Advanced Systems Ltd

TATA Advanced Systems Ltd

We are grateful for the unconditional support we received for 5 years from 2015-16 up until 2019-20, that helped us...