A resilient rural India begins with its prototype:


1. Deep respect for what makes our life possible - Soil, Air, Water -
and all life these three elements carry - Ecological Sustainability

2. The practice of interdependence - social cohesion

3. Blending traditional wisdom with appropriate contemporary technology

4. Self-reliance in 9 basic needs


Graamam represents a growing network of rural women committed
to a new model of economic resilience, trained in producing
world-class products that cause happy and healthy consumers
and a happy and healthy planet.


Education designed to be worthy of its purpose:

being the compass for a good society


Celebration of life on earth


We dream of a Resilient Rural India.
Being set up in 12.5 acres of land, in the 2nd driest
district in India (Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh)

ProtoVillage is the prototype of
a “Resilient” rural community
built for the villagers,
by the villagers.

ProtoVillage is a space for systemic
solutions for rural resilience to be

iteratively co-created,
diligently practiced,
comprehensively demonstrated
and openly shared!

It will be a center for learning, practice, demonstration
and dissemination of the knowledge on how any
community in this region can organize itself
to be Resilient

Ecologically sustainable,
Socially cohesive and
Economically viable

A Resilient community is one in which the inhabitants' practice
harmonious interdependence, employ ecologically
sustainable means and blend native knowledge systems with
contemporary appropriate technology to achieve self-reliance
in terms of the 9 basic needs:

Glimpses from ProtoVillage