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The school at ProtoVillage will act as a Nucleus – with a steady population of no more than 30 learners, it presents a space to experiment, iteratively refine and demonstrate this new system, the evolving content, and the pedagogy. It also aims to be a training & facilitation centre that enables replication.

We need support to make this kind of education system easily available, and accessible to the learners in the villages.

  • We are determined to provide such education free of cost to about 30 learners from the villages around ProtoVillage in 2020-21.
  • We will work on digitising the curriculum, in the form of videos much in the lines of Khan Academy (helping learners interpret concepts from the daily activities), hosting the digitised curriculum on the server in ProtoVillage, and broadcasting it to the satellite learning centres in 2-5 village clusters around ProtoVillage, as an attempt to scale it out.
  • We will utilise the lessons learned from scaling out to the village clusters around ProtoVillage, to develop a blueprint for context-specific replication. The purpose of the blueprint will be to have the model replicated across geographies allowing for the incorporation of local contextual specificities.
  • We will work on collaborations with organisations and individuals to replicate and scale out the model to other districts and states.

We dream of a Resilient rural India, and we believe that the most powerful means to accomplish this is a well-designed Education system… We are reaching out to you to enable this dream.