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Our curriculum is designed around this skeletal Matrix of Learning:

  Self Environment Tools & Skills Expression
Disaster management        


The 4 columns (Learning Journeys):


The journey takes the learner from understanding basic physiology all the way to the practice of maintaining physical, mental (intellectual, & emotional) and Spiritual balance.


This will perhaps be the largest chunk of the content. This will be a journey through natural (evolution), social (bushmen to organised societies, morality, culture etc), political (tribes to nation-states, forms of Govt etc) and economic (barter to cryptocurrencies) environments.

Tools & Skills

All tools that help learners make sense of and contribute to the world: example – mathematics, sciences, reasoning, Non-violent communication, Digital skilling and empowerment {including but not limited to Coding, Digital 3D design & manufacturing, Content creation & Distribution (Audio, visual and text)} etc.


Aided by the increasing awareness of the self, environment, and empowered with the tools and skills, the learner constantly endeavours to seek and find what expresses him or her the best – Languages, Arts, Martial arts, sports etc. This inculcates a tendency to look for meaning and responsibility in our life instead of focusing on just rights and privileges. To empower learners with the knowledge, skills and wisdom that makes them conceptually sound, self-aware, environmentally conscious, globally competent, and locally relevant.

The 9 rows (Missions)

Each row represents an eco-friendly indigenous process to fulfil one of the 9 basic needs. The learners will need to enhance their knowledge across the 4 columns to gain mastery along the rows. This way, the 36 cells create opportunities for learning, through an interplay between needs and knowledge… with the needs providing the motivation and the momentum to acquire the relevant knowledge.

Assessment of Mastery is based on four criteria:

The ability to train other learners regarding the mission, the relevant concepts, and technology if any.