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We have learned that Education has the potential to be both the Compass that shows the direction a “good” society ought to take, and also the Rudder that maintains the direction, till the next shift.


A forest is a thriving eco-system of diverse interdependent species, coexisting and operating in harmony, individually and collectively contributing to the perpetuation of the miracle of life. A seed needs no teaching as to how to grow. And not every seed will grow into a big tree. What it ought to be and how is all within the seed. All it needs is a conducive environment to thrive. As each seed grows into a unique tree, there is diversity in the forest. And when there’s diversity, there’s interdependence. When there’s interdependence, there’s harmony.

What if, based on the wisdom of mother nature, we fundamentally reengineered the rural education system to truly and absolutely leverage its potential to cause transformation?

Our Vision is to create
a cohesive community environment that celebrates the unique physical, mental and spiritual potential of each learner and inspires them to strive for excellence in whatever expresses them the best, both as individuals and as contributors to the larger collective of life.