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Admission process

  • We require the learner to spend a couple of days to a week in the campus for a first-hand experience.
  • The fellow learners assess the applicant and provide an opinion on whether to accept or reject or give an opportunity to adapt
  • The applicant can exercise their/her/his right to accept or reject admission

Four conditions for the parents

  • Agree to contribute in kind to the community in ways that help ensure the welfare of all learners
    • For example, some parents who are farmers choose to give grains from their produce, some choose to give vegetables, etc. If money is all a family can contribute, it can be discussed. 
  • Agree to bring when they come visiting, food or snacks not just for their kids but for all the kids
  • There are a few national festivals and a couple of ProtoVillage festivals that the parents will have to participate in by coming a day before the event and helping with the arrangements fostering a sense of community
  • Agree to share their expertise with all kids and enrich their learning