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The last 7 years of our work helped transform this once barren land into a Resilient Rural Community!!

We are utmost one year away from offering the prototype of a Resilient rural community to the world! But the real story is just about to begin!

We have designed and prototyped the rural economic and education models in such a way that any community that adopts them together, becomes resilient over time. They form our Systemic Toolkit for Accelerated Rural Transformation (START).

The next two years are critical for us to implement these in one cluster of villages, and document them into a blue-print for replication anywhere, accommodating the contextual specificities.

This is where we invite you to join hands, and co-script the future story, and blaze the trail with us to make rural India Resilient.


We invite you into the Band of Believers!


1. Believers will commit to contributing INR 5,000 or INR 10,000 per month (depending on the cause they wish to support) for a period of two years.


2. Believers will actively join challenge-specific board of advisors, based on their area of expertise, to help us mitigate the challenges.


The Band of Believers is not a group of passive donors. As a believer, you are a proactive contributor to the progress we all desire, but only a few fight for. You will walk the walk with us on this mission called a Resilient rural India. You will be our friend, partner and mentor on this journey.


As a mark of our gratitude, we offer the following to our Band of Believers:

1. Monthly updates on project progress and challenges.

2. An invitation to join need-based, challenge-specific board of advisors to mitigate challenges.

3. A monthly, growing hamper of Graamam products from ProtoVillage

4. A special invitation to our annual sustainability festival where celebrated artists will exclusively perform for you at ProtoVillage

5. Deep respect and gratitude


Let’s join hands and together, make rural India Resilient!!