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We dream of a Resilient Rural India, and we are working on its prototype.

ProtoVillage, the prototype of a resilient rural community, is a space for systemic solutions for rural resilience to be collaboratively developed, iteratively refined, diligently practiced, comprehensively demonstrated, and openly shared!

We learned that there are two High leverage Points – where actions and changes in structures can lead to enduring Rural Resilience – 1. Education and 2. Enterprise

Education has the potential to act not only as a compass that determines the direction a society ought to embrace but also as a rudder that sustains the direction of change. And the economic system should be the engine that drives replication and mass acceptance. Together these two are the points of leverage for rural transformation, but not in their current form, governed by the current paradigms… And only if they are fundamentally redesigned to be worthy of their purpose.

Over the last 10 years, we worked on the design question: How do we design the Education and Enterprise systems that primarily aim to cause happy communities and healthy ecological systems, and as a consequence bring prosperity to all those that participate in it. In other words, systems that incentivise us to invest ourselves in what really makes our life possible and worth living!

With systemic, scalable designs ready, we have co-created an executable roadmap for making rural India Resilient in 5475 days! We invite you into this possibility to hold and nourish this intention and make it real. We invite you into the Band of Believers!

On one hand, our natural ecosystems that make our life possible are getting destroyed, our communities that make our life worth living are getting fragmented, and our economic systems that ought to incentivise a good quality of life for all, are indeed serving to destroy the very things that make our life possible and worth living. On the other hand, we have all the knowledge, wisdom, conviction and resources to solve every problem there is. Our lifetime is the link between grim reality and a beautiful possibility! Our lifetime, therefore, is a significantly interesting moment in the history of life on the planet. Let’s make this moment count!

It’s a journey through a billion lives in 5475 days! It’s not for everyone! Join the Band of Believers and let’s make history by building a Resilient future!

How you can contribute

The Band of Believers supports our transition through the three years from 2020-21 until 2022-23 by committing to contribute Rs 200,000 annually.

The Band of Believers is also encouraged to be active participants in the execution of the shared vision.

ProtoVillage will provide quarterly updates on the progress being made, and any challenges there-of, inviting the Band of Believers to form need specific advisory teams to mitigate the challenges.

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