Progress in the CommunityKitchen

The original construction of the community kitchen took place in 2017. In 2018, the domes were completed. Unfortunately, one day after the domes were built it rained heavily and the domes that had just been built collapsed.

To our delight, the project now has been restarted and the domes have been built again! For around two weeks days, three men, Naveen, Sonu, Jaynarayan from Hariyana came here to help in the building. They are so talented in their work and know every move that needs to be made next. In total, ten people put all their diligence and hard work into the construction of the domes.

a finished dome

Not only do the domes look beautiful, no, they also consume far fewer resources than usual construction methods! Compared to RCC roofs or concrete roofs that are 6 inches thick, our domes are now only 4 inches thick. We only use bricks, mortar, and a top layer of cement. The flat, slightly round shape of the domes also saves a lot of resources, as the area of the dome roof is much smaller compared to tall domes. As a result, less material is consumed. Even though the thickness of the domes is less, they hold the same or even greater width, can withstand more weight than the other types of construction mentioned, and if needed, another floor can be built on top of the domes. And it is earthquake-proof! Isn’t that fascinating?!

after the whole work has been done

But the work on the community kitchen is far from finished. Flooring, finishing works for walls, electricity or installing kitchen equipment are just some of the things that still need to be done. This time, too, the heat during the work could not stop the successful realisation. We pushed through against it with all our energy. Nothing will stop us in the coming period either, we will keep at it with full motivation!

We are looking forward to the time when the community can use the community kitchen as a place for storage, cooking or eating together. A place to nourish our bodies, minds and the community as a whole is being created!

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