A typical day in Proto

With this post, I would like to try to show you a little bit more about everyday life in Proto. At 6.30 a.m. is the daily first meeting. Over a cup of tea, we talk about what’s coming up in the community work and other important things for the day.

A little disclaimer: The times are all approximate, i.e. they can shift by one or two hours, and not every day runs exactly according to this pattern. But most of them do. Oh, exactly, and our week always starts on Thursday and goes until Tuesday, Wednesday is the weekend and the day off.

From 7-9 am we do community work. Most of the time we work in the fields, ploughing, weeding or harvesting (coriander, fruit, peanuts – whatever is growing). Two days a week we clean up during the community work; sweeping, mopping, collecting rubbish etc..

Here we picked seeds from the gongura plant.
A common task in the community work: Preparing fields for planting.

From the community work we go straight to breakfast.

Afterwards, from 9.30/10-13, we all work on our own projects and tasks. For me it’s for example this Blog on the website and taking care od the nuersery. At the nursery, I take care of growing new vegetables and plants. I always do this on Saturdays.


First you have to prepare the soil.
Then you make blocks of earth.
The seeds are put into the soil.
Water, wait and cross your fingers.

At 1 pm we have lunch.

From 14-16/16.30 is the afternoon slot for my own tasks and work. Here I always do something for one of my work areas.

We also have a daily meeting in the afternoon at 5 pm. Each person tells us what they have done and achieved during the day. Sometimes we also talk about things that need to be done urgently. It is also the place to talk about problems/difficulties that have arisen with the tasks or in general. The meeting usually lasts until 5.30 p.m. and then we have “free time”.


Heaven in the evening.


We usually have dinner between 6 and 7 p.m.

Late in the evening. The twinkling lights are fireflies.✨🌕

Tuesday is a bit out of the pattern, because the day is there to prepare for the coming week. In the morning, everyone plans their own week and creates a weekly schedule. In the afternoon, there is always a bigger meeting than usual. They talk about what they have achieved during the week and their own goals/plans for the coming week.

The nice thing about working here is that we can completely organise our tasks and weeks ourselves and decide for ourselves what and when we do something.  I notice that I have more fun at work and I am more proud of myself when I achieve a goal or get work done. Above all, I can learn to be independent and responsible for my own work and progress. 

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